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Wildlife Rehabilitation Internship

Job Type: volunteer position

Location: British Columbia

Posting Date: 24 Jul 14

Closing Date: 23 Oct 14

Dear Prospective Intern,

We are exclusively a North American Native Mammal Rehab Center. About 75 - 80 percent of our work is with the babies. We are very busy from mid-March to September.

Spring, summer and very early fall brings the majority of our admissions. Winter is spent caring for the animals that were too small to release in the fall and who have to be wintered over, late babies, and we seem to get more injuries in the winter.

Internships will be offered all year long to interested and motivated individuals (Slackers need not to apply!!!). Preference will be given to those who stay longer than 2 months. Spring and Summer internships are highly competitive.


Working at a Wildlife Rehabilitation Center can be very intense at times because of the hours we sometimes have to keep. With any luck, you will be working an eight hour day, but at times it can be up to 12 hours, depending on the number of admissions and their problems. Sometimes there can even be a 2 a.m. feeding. Interns will be expected to be involved in all aspects of the shelter. Your job will include feeding, food preparation, cleaning, laundry, administering treatment, participating in building projects, painting, etc.

Internships typically last eight weeks or more, depending on the scheduling. Because you will be raising your own babies as well as helping with the others, you need to commit to eight weeks or more depending on what you want to raise. With baby mammals it is important to get them weaned before being passed on to someone else. Once you have your own babies you will want to get them weaned and most interns stay longer so they can see them released. We supply basic housing and most of the food. If you eat meat you will have to buy your own meat.

Dedicated volunteers staff the Wildlife Centre. As an intern you will be treated with respect and friendship. Previous wildlife experience is not necessary. You must be prepared to give 100% to our furry friends. Have you ever fed a baby raccoon, squirrel or skunk? If you want an experience of a lifetime, fill in the application located on our website and send it back to us. We will be happy to hear from you!


Contact Information:

Critter Care Wildlife Society, 481-216 street, Langley B.C., V2Z 1R6, Canada.

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