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Seasonal Biological Science Tech.

Job Type: full-time permanent position

Location: Idaho

Posting Date: 22 Feb 14

Closing Date: 30 Apr 14

The incumbent will serve as member of the PIBO Monitoring Program team. The project’s goal is to evaluate the status and trend of aquatic and riparian habitat on lands managed by the Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management and other federal agencies within the Interior Columbia River and Upper Missouri River basins. The PIBO program collects data on approximately 450 streams each year, located throughout the states of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, and Montana. During the summer months the incumbent is required to work remotely for 8 consecutive days, followed by a 6 day break. This is a field based job requiring living, hiking, and working in remote areas with uneven terrain and inclement weather conditions. Government bunkhouses are available at most locations for a nominal fee.

Plant position responsibilities include riparian vegetation data collection and extensive plant identification. You will learn a variety of sampling techniques and how to identify many riparian plant species, including: sedges, grasses, forbs, willows, and other woody plants.

Fish position responsibilities include an intensive reach scale stream survey. Using one of the most rigorously tested sampling protocols available, technicians collect information on a variety of stream attributes including habitat formations, channel geometry, substrate size, stream bank characteristics, gradient, water chemistry, large woody debris, and macroinvertebrate assemblages.

General biological science aid position responsibilities will mirror those of the plant or fish positions but serving in a supporting role. The responsibilities for these positions are expected to expand through the season as training and experience dictate.

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Biological Aid GS-0404-03 14-TEMP-110657-009634MG-DT
Biological Technician (Fish*) GS-0404-04 14-TEMP-110657-009630MG-DT
Biological Technician (Fish*) GS-0404-05 14-TEMP-110657-009613MG-DT
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Biological Aid GS-0404-03 14-TEMP-110657-009634MG-DT
Biological Technician (Plants) GS-0404-04 14-TEMP-110657-009644MG-DT
Biological Technician (Plants) GS-0404-05 14-TEMP-110657-009639MG-DT

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Superior, MT (closest selectable location to St. Regis, MT)
Ukiah, OR
Logan, UT
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