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Production Greenhouse and Nursery Intern

Job Type: full-time temporary position

Location: Illinois

Posting Date: 24 Jan 14

Closing Date: 25 Apr 14

Overview: Learn about plant production by rotating through and working with the growers in the four divisions of the Plant Production department. These divisions include the nursery, indoor floriculture, outdoor floriculture, and plant propagation. Attend regular staff meetings and weekly intern meetings with guest speakers during summer to learn about general Chicago Botanic Garden operations. .

Duties and Responsibilities:
1.Work with the nursery supervisor to produce a broad range of plants including trees, shrubs, perennials, native plants, and aquatics through potting, transplanting, fertilizing, weeding, spacing pots, setting up irrigation, watering, and pruning.
2.Work with the indoor floriculturist to produce crops for interior displays, education programs, and special events through potting, pruning, fertilizing, watering, grooming, and training.
3.Work with the outdoor floriculturist to produce crops for spring, summer, and fall annual displays through potting, watering, pinching, fertilizing, and spacing.
4.Work with the plant propagator to propagate plants through sowing seeds, taking cuttings, making divisions, stratifying and scarifying seeds, grafting, and budding.
5.Assist with the operation of computerized greenhouse controls.
6.Assist with delivery of plants.
7.Prepare and present a ten-minute lecture on an approved horticulture topic to the horticulture division.

1.Able to work 12 months beginning in May
2.Be enrolled in a college horticulture program or related field with an interest in greenhouse and nursery management. Candidates within a year of their graduation will also be considered.
3.Able to work in a fast-paced environment
4.Good communication and interpersonal skills
5.Must have or be able to obtain an operator’s license for chemical applications

Physical Demands:
Some requirements for lifting, pushing, and pulling items less than 50 pounds


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