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Jobs in Conservation Biology FAQ

What is the cost to post a job here?

Nothing...there is no cost to post jobs or to browse jobs on the SCB Job Board. This is a service offered to the community by SCB. If desired, employers can pay to have their job "featured" if they want to insure very high visibility. See the "Featured" FAQ on this page
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How much traffic does this job board get?

The SCB web site receives more than 7000 visitor sessions per day. The single most popular area of the web site is the Job Board. Based on unique IP addresses of computers, we estimate that we receive visits from approximately 50,000 computers per month--not each of these are necessarily different people (work computer and home computer of one person would be seen as two unique computers/visitors), but this does indicate the volume of unique traffic.
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How many jobs are posted here each day?

On average there are 3-4 jobs per day posted to the SCB job board. This is roughly 100 jobs per month! Employers, note that this means your job will be pushed down from the top of the page fairly quickly. If desired, employers can pay to have their job "featured" if they want to insure very high visibility. See the "Featured" FAQ on this page for more information.
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How do I get my job featured?

Each week we randomly choose one job to be "featured" at the top of the Job Board for 7 days. If you would like to guarantee that your job will show in the "featured" area for some period of time, you can make a donation to SCB. The requested donation is $100 US per week. Interested? First post your job, then contact our staff via email or contact us by phone (1-202-234-4133 x100) and we will coordinate payment and your job's "featured" status.
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Why doesn't my job show up immediately on the web site after I post it?

Two reasons: 1) Because of occasional abuse of this site by spammers and advertisers, if your job posting contains any one of a series of banned words, parts of words, or phrases, your post will be quarantined and screened by SCB staff before it is made public; 2) As a service to our membership, SCB members are given a 48 hour "head-start" that a job has been posted (and released from quarantine) before job are made public for all the world to see. In other words, if a SCB member is logged in to the SCB web site, they will see all jobs that are available (if they are not quarantined). The general public will see everything that has been released from quarantine and was posted more than 48 hours prior.
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How can I edit or delete my job?

If you discover an error in your posting, please contact and we will be happy to assist you.
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