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The blog of the 3rd International Marine Conservation Congress


Exhibitor Focus: Environmental Artist Featured at IMCC3

Seppo Leinonen is a Finnish artist interested in environmental issues. He studied fine arts and forestry in Helsinki and enjoys the outdoors. He recently participated in the 11th International Mammalogical Congress and is excited to become more involved in marine conservation at IMCC3. You can view more of Seppo’s art on his website SeppoNet and follow him on Twitter @sepponet (IMCC Cartoon by Seppo) ...READ MORE



Plenary Focus: Dr. Emily Darling Tackles Climate Change & Coral Reefs

Dr. Emily S. Darling likens climate change to a horror film for the world’s oceans. Rising ocean temperatures, growing sea levels, ocean acidification and coral bleaching are just a few of the multitude of climate change’s detrimental effects on marine life. “More than ever before, scientists, local stakeholders, NGOs and government agencies need to work together to plan how we are going to protect and manage ecosystems that are fundamentally threatened by a warmer and more acidic ocean,” Darling asserted. ...READ MORE



Help Sponsor IMCC3 Delegates from Developing Countries

Furthering marine conservation in developing countries is incredibly important for global and local conservation, local economies and more. This campaign is to to help sponsor delegates from developing countries to attend the International Marine Conservation Congress (IMCC), so they can bring back knowledge, skills and tools to further marine conservation in their countries, as well as present their marine conservation issues and projects to marine scientists from around the world.

There are currently to ways to help sponsor IMCC3 delegates from developing countries, including Teespring and Indiegogo campaigns. ... READ MORE



Glasgow: IMCC3 Host City a 2014 Must-Visit Destination

Don’t just take our word for it…
The IMCC 2014 host city, Glasgow, has been celebrated by numerous world-leading publications, travel guides and websites as a must-visit destination in 2014. Here is a selection of what they had to say:

Rough Guides – Top 10 Cities for 2014
"In the past few decades, Scotland’s biggest city has emerged as a cultural powerhouse. The River Clyde, which once ferried tobacco traders towards the city, now flows past smoking-hot artists’ studios and museums, which have appeared in rejuvenated docks.”... READ MORE



IMCC: Making Marine Science Matter

The video presented in this blog post highlights clips and interviews from the 2nd International Marine Conservation Congress (IMCC2), held in 2010 in Victoria, Canada. The video also previews IMCC3, to be held in August 2014. It shows the incredible importance of IMCC and marine conservation. The video features interviews of: IMCC2 Chair Ellen Hines, Jeff Ardon of the Marine Conservation Institute, Nick Dulvy of Simon Fraser University, Philip Dearden of the University of Victoria, Nancy Knowlton of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History, Kerstin Forsberg of Planeta Oceano..... READ MORE



Gie it Laldy in Glasgow

by Samantha Jane King, IMCC3 Communications Committee

Awrite! Welcome to Glasgow—city of culture, city of history, but most importantly MY city. To all you visitors from near or far landing on Scottish soil this August, a warmer welcome you could not ask for! Glasgow is our dear green place. Glasgow is rainy. Glasgow is friendly. But most importantly, Glasgow is UNIQUE! I have lived on the outskirts of this city my entire life, and many a weekend I have frequented the bright lights of “Glasvegas.” Whether it be for the live music scene, thriving nightlife or the deep fried cuisine, there’s something for everyone in this most diverse of cities.... READ MORE



Glasgow: A Fitting Backdrop for IMCC3

by Samantha Oester, IMCC3 Communications Chair

Scotland’s largest city is located in the West Central Lowlands, with the River Clyde bisecting the picturesque location. According to Dr. Chris Parsons, IMCC3 Chair, Glasgow was chosen as the host city for IMCC3 for several reasons, including its location, history and the country’s keen interest in marine science and marine conservation. And Glasgow is pleased to host IMCC3. ”We’re delighted that IMCC is coming to Glasgow in August, during what will be a showcase year for the city,” said Aileen Crawford, Head of Conventions at the Glasgow City Marketing Bureau. “Hosting such a prestigious conference reinforces Glasgow’s international reputation as a world-leading conventions city, and we are committed to ensuring IMCC 2014 is a success and that your delegates enjoy a memorable experience.”.... READ MORE