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Marine Section Board of Directors

John Cigliano, President
Cedar Crest College, United States

Chris Parsons, Past President
George Mason University, United States

Samantha Oester, Preident-Elect
George Mason University, United States

Mel Cosentino, Finance Officer
Instituto Virtual de Ciencias Humanas, Spain

Toni Mizerek, Student Representative
Macquarie University, Australia

Andrew Wright, Policy Officer
George Mason University, United States

Thomas P. Good, Science Officer
NOAA Fisheries, United States

Leslie Cornick, Member at Large
Alaska Pacific University, United States

Jacob Levenson, Education Officer
Boston University, United States

Edd Hind, Communications Officer
School for Field Studies, Turks & Caicos and United Kingdom

Ravi Nunkoo, International Officer
University College London, United Kingdom and Republic of Mauritius

Martin Robards, Interdisciplinary Outreach Member (ad hoc)
Simon Fraser University, Canada

Mandy Lombard, Marine Welfare Science (ad hoc) Member
University of Pretoria, South Africa

Brett Favaro, Publications Chair (ad hoc)
Marine Institute of Memorial University, Canada

Future Members

If you are interested in being a member of the Marine Board you must be a member of SCB and a member of the Section. Generally 2 to 4 board members are elected annually. The Call for Nominations goes out in September or October and the election runs in October or November. Each year section members receive an email about the open positions and the start of the election process. For more information about getting involved with this board, please contact a board member or